The Hourglass of Ages: The Awakening

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The Hourglass of Ages: The Awakening

Post  Nortos on Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:13 am

Here's my first project I've made using RMXP it's a solo project and I'm looking at around a 10hr game nothing big cos I also want to keep moding games and various other things



No audio and it's a bit laggy but here you go it's a video of one of the first cut scenes in game

Background Story
Background Story:

In an aged passed, an age of great turmoil and grief, civil wars across the nations and the death of countless thousands caused an evil of great power to break her seal. This evil was named Breesha by her followers by all others she was despised as Ashling the Dark Mistress of Dreams.

She and her followers claimed lands quickly, pitting their human emotions against them; one by one she tortured, bribed or compelled them to fulfill her wishes.

In four Months from her escape she had control of the greatest nation in the world, and was moving onto Thorn’s rival Nations. The only deifiers left with their sanity and lives were the Clans and a small group of Heroes.

These heroes were Bearach the Captain General, Cara of the Eagle Clan, Luan the mysterious mage of Sheere, and the Chosen Prophesied one Nyla.

This small group waited until Ashling had sent her forces against her opposing Nations, and then they ventured into the dark twisted realms of Ashling which was once their beloved Kingdom, there they were fighting for their very sanity.

Once they reached Ashling they fought a battle that shook the very founding’s of the land itself. Ashling overpowered them and all hope looked lost, until Nyla fulfilled her prophecy and sacrificed herself to seal Ashling’s Prison.

The age passed and entered a new age of peace and prosperity, and little of this conflict is remembered except by the clans.

If ever again the lands are in such turmoil Ashling will feed on that power and break her seal, the only one then able to stop her would be the Prophesied one.
Prophecy of the Dark Mistress
098 The 7th Age Maolcholm Stra.

The clans have questioned whether or not they can rely on humans and so they have drawn out the very grains themselves from the Hourglass of Ages to make a weapon that can questionably not just seal Ashling but destroy her. This weapon is guarded by the fierce Wolf Clan

On the Continent of South Adeall Thorn and Lean questionably the two most powerful nations in the world have had border conflicts and countless wars started and ended and once again the attacks have started, but not just on this Continent.
Reports have been flowing that the Continent of Radona is getting ready for war, and everywhere the clans are despised, called half breeds and in human scum for centuries now humans have been doing inhuman racial acts against the clans.

The clans are growing few in numbers and some have gone all but extinct. The only animal clans left are clans that either have the gift of wings or shadows.


Maeva is the Princess of Thorn, a descendent to the throne, when she was young she was married to Alabhaois to help strengthen their two houses. Alabhaois wasn’t going to wait until the king dropped dead and he knew the King would choose Breandán over Maeva for the throne because of Maeva’s husband. He waited and planted seeds of doubt and then on a day he was sure the kingdom would back him up, he brutally murdered Breandán, the King and any followers. The Kingdom is his. Maeava travels to a place she is sure will protect her...

There she meets up with Andell the son of one of the Generals of Thorn and a friend of her fathers, he takes her back to their village and it's just before the joyous occasion of Ole Tine the celebration of Spring and life, which was being run by Andell's Aunt.

On this celebration something occured on which neither Andell nor Maeva would ever of wished for, this shaped their destiny...this shaped the world...


Race: Cat Clan Member
Class: Undetermined
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Andell is a young warrior of the cat clan; he is polite and a good judge of charecter. Andell's father is a General for the royal guard of the Empire, and so he taught Andell self defense and weapon training at a young age. But on his 16th birthday Andell's Father decided it was time for Andell to learn some of his Clans ways so he sent him back to the Cat Clan in the northern Mountains. Andell meets Maeva early on in the plot and takes her back to the village (Note Clan people don't look like their animals but they can "transform"-I'll change the term later- into their Clan animal)
Andell fights with dual daggers and has an evolutionary system of chain attacks that require the first attack to be used to than be able to use the 2nd and the 2nd needs to strike to used the 3rd.

Race: Human
Class: (Yet do be determined, some type of support magic user)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Maeva is a kind hearted princess; although she has a great mind for politicts and she wishes people to see their actions rewarded though if these were misguided action her rewards are deadly. She has a determination for revenge on her ex lover Alabhaois who quickly in the game becomes the new King of Thorn. She loves her brother Breandán and as a young girl was always found following in his shadow.

Name to be determined
Race: Human (Unless I change in the future
Class: Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: To be determined
Traits are to be determined
As a hunter he has some condition skills poisoning ect the enemy but his main power are his skills which require the enemy to have conditions on these can hit for quite a punch but miss completly unless they have the required state on them

Battler yet to be made

More info and more Charecters to come soon

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Alabhaios is Maeva's husband, and so a Prince of Thorn, he comes from an old royal house full of greedy conniving Nobles. He was married to Maeva at 21 by his Mother seeing the connections it would make to the royal line. Since then he has been planning how to gain the throne, he knew the king would never lawfully give it to him.

Race: Cat Clan member
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Andell's Father is one of the Generals of Thorn, when he was young he seeked adventure and left the Clan, he was find on the road by a kindhearted young leiutanant at the time getting harrased by some bandits who were showing racist acts towards him. The leiutanant quickly chased them off and took the young boy in (he was only 17 than) The leiutanant (who is now the Chief War General of Thorn) taught him the ways of the sword, the deadly arts of the body, war tactics and politicts. Rian quickly gained ranks despite being despised by his fellow peers as "inhuman scum" and at the young age of 21 he was first Leiutanant of the Blue Brigade, he took a years absence and visited his Clan, there he met Andell's mother and stayed with her for 3 years, he than went back to the capital, Andell was sent up to meet his father at the age of 6 and didn't travel back home till after 10 years.

Race: Cat Clan
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Rian is Andell's Uncle, and Fiona's brother he has taken care of Andell during his time in the village, Rian lives with Andell, Andell's mother Fiona, and his wife Shannah. He is the local blacksmith and is a brave man, Andell has a great amount of respect for him.

Race: Cat Clan
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Fiona is Andell's Mother, she loves her son very much and treasures him, she is a compulsive control freak and only wishes the best for her, her family and the village, in doing so she has often undermined the Vilage Wise One, Senan's authority on numerous occasions. She works as the Chief Cook at the local inn, though it doesn't get any buisness anymore.

Race: Cat Clan
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Shannah is Andell's Aunt, and sister in law to Fiona, she is a lively women and is often known to be running fun events for the local children, she is like a second mum to Andell.

Race: Cat Clan
Gender: Male
Age: 72
Senan is the local Wise One, and is the chief of the Cat Clan, the village has such a peaceful lifestyle though in the northern mountains that it's on rare occasions he has to stamp down his authority everyone gets on well with him except sometimes when Fiona is calling him an "old fool".

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Breandán al Sahvin, Defender of the Straha Harbour, High Lord of House Sahvin, heir to the throne. Breandán is Maeva's sister and is a pickle for rightousness, Thorn would prospell well under his rule. As a young boy Breandán was always suceeding extremly well in all of his classes academicaly and physical, Maeva was always in his shadow following him around, they have a great love for each other.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Bartes al Sahvin, Welder of the Iron Fist, High Lord of House Sahvin, King of Thorn. King Bartes is Maeava's father and he is a peaceful man, always believing words do better than the sword. He has a friendship with many of the Clans and has made peace with them despite the protests of many nobles. He was distraught for two years in solitude when his wife died giving birth to Maeava but since than he has dedicated his time to the well being of his nation, sparing little time for his children


Stealth event system
Realistic Lighting System
Lockpicking Minigame
Dynamic Night and day with event changes depending on night or day
Soul Rage Battle Addon
Mog's menu and titles
Crafting System
Frontview Animated Battle System
Cross Command Battle Menu

Blizzard' s Tons of Addons 4.98
Blizzard' s CRSL
Moghunter Menu and titles
Near Fantastica's Particle Engine
Prexus's Prexcratf
Eilei's Lockpicking Script
Ccoa's UMS
Some of Sand Golem's Addons
Sand Golem's Autobattle edited into a cross command system by Nortos
Cross battle Command (Still in development won't be in demo)
Minoffs Animated Battlers - Enhanced by DerVWulfman (heavily edited by me)
Moghunter's Menu's
Script Editor: Nortos


Enterbrain (Just mainly charsets and tilesets)
The Inquisitor (World Map)
Various Other's
Arena Net's Guild Wars Soundtrack
Bioshock Soundtrack

All other credit's, e.g Mapping, Storyline go to me.


Updates: 30th December 07 Thread Update
1st January 08 Thread Update
2nd January 08 Frontview Animated battle system complete
10th January Thread Update and Storyline Update

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Re: The Hourglass of Ages: The Awakening

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Re: The Hourglass of Ages: The Awakening

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it works do you need to do spoilers differently here? Test:
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Re: The Hourglass of Ages: The Awakening

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