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Version Numbering Formats Empty Version Numbering Formats

Post  Fantasist on Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:15 pm

First things first: be original. Don't worry about getting laughed at.

Here are some formats, you can get the general idea:

This is suggested by Susys:
i made up of a simple formula for this:


X: The product version

Y: Product minor version

E: Minor enchants to the product



the 2 meand thers about 2 chapters in the game.
the 5 means ther are about 4 extra side quests and 1 extra feature.
the 9 meand thers 9 extra item or skills.

now when the 5 becomes a 10 you have to make 2 a 3
and if the 9 becomes a 20 change the 5 to a 6

and if u want 4 numbers

the first 3 numbers r the same

the 500 is like how close you it is to make the 2 a 3 (out of 1000 or you can make it out of a %)

Falcon's method:
Here's what I use.


A = Complete Rewrites
B = Functional Additions
C = Bug Fixes

Blizzard's method:
I usually use only 2 numbers.


v - main version
a - minor version

I change v only when I come with a to 9 or I overwork the complete code and change half of it. I only managed to get with a to 9 with my party switcher. When I fix some really minor bugs or add some vers imple options, I add a third number


Only in big stuff I use four numbers


v - main version
a - grand changes (my Blizz-ABS will be when I've done all the stuff I wanted)
b - normal changes
c - any little change

That's what I use for my game and my Blizz-ABS only so far. And I usually don't add a "b" like "v1.4b" when I release a script the first time. I add it when I fix the first bugs that come up when somebody tries it out. It means "beta", lol! I don't use the "b" when I use 4 numbers though.

Fantasist's method (it's me, lol):
I think I'll use a.b.c.
a - Major changes/rewrite, the main version number.
b - Minor changes and enhancements.
c - Really minor changes, which are not worth mentioning.

Bug fixes are added to either a, b or c depending on the severity of the bug.

mastermoo420's suggestion (really amusing):
Or, you can plainly go for the gusto. Start out with v1 and just make it v1.0 with as many .0's as you want. Then when you go on, you can make it look professional with things such as v1.1.3 when all you've really done is add a line of code :V But the main thing, I suppose, is to go with the flow.


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