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Post  Fantasist on Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:15 pm

If you're new to RPG Maker, you might not understand when someone says CMS or DBS. I'll list out as many as I can think of. You can post more if you like and I'll add it to the list if it's good enough.

HP - Hit Points / Health Points
SP - Skill Points
MP - Magic Points / Mana Points
EXP - Experience (Points)

RM - RPG Maker
RM95 - RPG Maker/Tsuruku 95, the one that started it all
RM2k - RPG Maker 2000
RM2k3 - RPG Maker 2003

PK - Postality Knights
PKE - Postality Knights Edition

DMS - Default Menu System
CMS - Custom Menu System

DBS - Default Battle System
CBS - Custom Battle System

ABS - Action Battle System
ATB - Active Time Battle

AMS - Advanced Message System
UMS - Universal Message System

DNS - Day Night System

.org - RMXP.org (a forum, link)
rmxp.org - same as above
CA - Creation Asylum (a forum, link)
RMRK - RPG Maker Resource Kit (a forum, link)
RRR - RPG RPG Revolution (a forum, link)

CP - Chaos Project (a game and a forum, both at: link)

SDK - Standard Development Kit
MCL - Method and Class Library
MACL - Same as above


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